Delegation (11 Jul 2010 21:47)
I've not considered this enough. I should consider those I trust the most. Strong bodies will be needed in the off chance of success. Perhaps Miss Tyler could use a job.

Campaign Posters (27 Jun 2010 21:34)
New campaign posters were released today. I'm not exactly certain how I feel about them, but I'm just not used to seeing my face everywhere I turn. I think they were tactfully done. I should see what...

Rumors (22 Jun 2010 02:48)
Recently it was brought to light that I am attempting to woo a young woman by the name of Hope Tyler. I would like to take a moment to address this, and explain the images that have been presented....

Tabloids (22 Jun 2010 02:41)
I expected a dirty fight from McNaab's staff, not the man himself. What I didn't expect was the low blow by the tabloids, so soon in fact. I'll need to address this issue, I'm certain, but I need to...

Vacation Tickets (22 Jun 2010 02:31)
I need to contact this Robert Cornett. I've decided that I'll supply the plane tickets for their honeymoon. To be young and in love is such a wonderful thing. Hopefully it works better for them.

Decision (16 Jun 2010 10:59)
I need to contact the church and the city today with my decision. Despite the popular decision, I don't dislike McNaab as a person. He will be re-elected as Mayor. This doesn't mean that I'm not going...

New Customer (14 Jun 2010 04:10)
Desiree DeVilliers came into the store looking for help. Agreed to do some electrical work for her. Must remember to call her and set up an on-site assessment.

Books (12 Jun 2010 22:29)
My books are in a sad state. Help Wanted sign posted in window. Need to submit something to the paper. Hopefully someone takes me up on it soon.

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