Portrayed by AARON ECKHART
Fullname Zane Wright
Birthday March 1st
Species Human
Age 37
Height 6'2"
Weight 210lbs.
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Occupation Owner of Zane's Hardware

Claim to Fame

Zane is owner and operator of Zane's Hardware, a local hardware store known for doing absolutely the best it can for all of its customers. He also coaches a little-league baseball team, teaches Sunday school at his church and is the neighborhood nice guy. Oh, and there was that one time where his pregnant wife was killed by a vampire. He doesn't bring that up often, though. Currently his friends, family and neighbors are attempting to talk him into politics. Zane Wright for Mayor!



Stoic yet friendly, strong yet emotional, Zane is a man of the community. He's the shoulder to cry on whenever times are tough, the man to help fix things that you need help with and also the man who is not afraid to admit that he needs a shoulder himself. He has a great pride in life, his community and his country. He is extremely practiced and patient, especially due to his time in the military. Everyone else is put first yet he still takes care of himself quite well. It's no surprise that he has an immense hatred for vampires. If he had his way they would be quarantined, allowing his community to live free and safe once more. With his family now gone, he does his best to be a voice of the people and look out for all that he can. Internally he is devastated and alone. He wishes to try to move on with his life but is afraid of disrespecting the memories of his family.



TrueBlood: Dallas (TB:D) is an online role-playing game based in the True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries world. Wright For Mayor is not officially connected with TB:D, but is a work of derivative fiction.

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